Our study of Colonization of Canada

What are HUMAN RIGHTS! Brainstorm!!

Here are the two handouts from today`s Block C class:



The Story of Human Rights

When we study First Nations groups across Canada we see a great deal of diversity – a reflection of the geographic diversity of the country. Yet, the introduction of Europeans to North America will see an insidious force of assimilation and cultural genocide unleashed on all these peoples. The results are damaged individuals, families, and communities. Watch the video below for a general overview of the time of European exploration to today as it relates to the Residential School System, a primary tool of the government to oppress the aboriginal people of Canada.

Now we’ll take a look at the beginnings of the relationship of First Nations and the European newcomers. How were they dominated and eventually overwhelmed?

We’ll be studying one theorist who tries to explain how some places were able to develop into modern dominant societies and thus impacted the balance of power in the world. Below is the National Geographic documentary about Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germ & Steel”. Mr. Diamond is considered a “determinist“, that is, he believes that the forces around us have had a much greater influence on history than any human action. The opposite of this would be termed “possiblist“, that is, surrounding environment simply determines the range of possible historical paths people might take.

Look at “Racist Interpretation of Hierarchies of Civilization”. How can we understand this better considering the famous quote, “History is written by the victors”?

The consequences of this attitude led to a subjugation, oppression and murder of indigenous peoples all around the world, a result of colonialism by European powers. The following is a modern reflection of the remnants of this attitude in modern society and what we think of as “Indian”.

I’m not the Indian You Had in Mind

I’m Not the Indian You Had in Mind


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